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Lombok GolfSIRE BEACH GOLF CLUBFormerly known as Kosaido Country Club

Lombok is an island similar in size and density to its neighbouring Bali. The name Lombok is derived from the indigenous Sasak tribal word “lombok”(luum-bok) meaning straight ahead in Bahasa Indonesia. However, the etymology of the name Lombok is commonly being misunderstood as being derived from the Indonesian word “lombok” meaning chilli by many people…

The history of Lombok island dates back a few centuries and is predominantly influenced by the Sasak tribe, the Dutch, the Balinese and the Makassarese. The natural landscape and the traditional way of life have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Mataram is its capital and the island covers an area of 1,825 sq miles (4,725 sq km) and has a population of 3.2 million inhabitants.

the natural on-site contoursatmosphere of serenity and calm

The only international 18 hole lombok golf, Par 72, 6245 m championship course in Lombok Island was masterfully designed by Peter Thompson, Michael Wolveridge and Perret and offers a unique, challenging and worldclass experience to all golfers.

The course reflects an architectural philosophy that deeply respects and maintains the natural contours of the land. Nestled between the shores of Sire Bay and the slopes of Mt Rinjani, the golf course rests on the North Western region of Lombok Island.

Hole one to nine faces the sea which includes the signature hole number 4 which is adjacent to the white sandy beach. Holes 10 – 18 have the captivating mountain views includes the much talked about Hole 12 with 540 m, Par 5, Handicap one. The views at each tee off will leave every golfer spellbound

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Lombok Golf

90 minutes drive conveniently from Lombok International Airport or 45 minutes from the Senggigi Resort area and enjoy the breathtaking coastal view along the way. Enjoy golf that facing to the sea, adjacent to the white sandy beach, the landscape with the captivating mountain views, or the famous hole number 12 people often talk about, with 540 m, Par 5, Handicap one.

Jl. Raya Tanjung, Sire Bay, Lombok Utara – Indonesia
Phone: (+62) 819 0738 7000, Email:
GPS Location: 8 24’ 1.9612” S 116 5’ 47.3208” E